Betting on Rugby

Rugby is a popular professional sport which is played both for leisure and competitive purposes. Just like any other sport, it’s possible to place bets on rugby events with bookmakers, who provide a wide range of rugby markets which bettors can wager on. Some of the major rugby union events that one can bet on include the Rugby World Cup, the Six Nations Championship, the Rugby Championship, and the World Rugby Sevens Series, among other competitions.

Common Types of Bets

As stated above, betting on rugby is similar to gambling on other sports, such as football and basketball. However, if you want to make some money from rugby betting, the following are some of the markets you should consider gambling on.

  • Money Line

A money line is a type of market where one is required to predict which team will win the game. This is considered to be the most straightforward rugby betting market and is preferred by amateur bettors, who have little knowledge of the rugby sport discipline.

  • Handicap

After getting a better understanding of the money line market, bettors advance to the handicap market, where they get more value. The handicap market is where the bookmaker gives an advantage to one team, to make the game even or more balanced. The team with a positive advantage must win, draw or lose by less than the handicap figure, for the bet to win, while the opposite applies for the team with a negative handicap.

  • Totals

This is a type of market where a bettor is required to predict the final points scored in a rugby match. The bookmaker sets the number of points, and the bettor is required to predict if the points will be over or under these figures. You also have an option of predicting the total points scored by an individual team or player.