Rugby Betting and Streaming

Rugby Union has experienced tremendous growth in the past few years, especially since rugby became a full-time professional sport in 1995. It has attracted a wide spectator-ship and fan base, and more teams and countries are nowadays participating in the sport, making it a popular market for many players in the betting industry all over the world.

Most bookies, including Unibet Mobile Betting, will offer a wide range of markets for play, which range from domestic to international competitions, and some provide in-play betting, and live results streaming. Unlike football, the rugby season runs simultaneously with international matches, and the playoffs are played at the end of the season, to decide the title winners.

Most Popular Betting Markets

General Rugby Rules

Before looking at the most commonly available markets among bookies, it’s important to familiarise yourself with the sport’s rules. Some competitions focus on encouraging a more attacking game, by awarding bonus points to teams that score more than four tries in a single game. Other competitions have adopted a losing point bonus, where the bonus points are awarded to teams that lose by seven points or less in a game. This information is vital, as it affects a team scoring when betting on the winning margin market.

The Handicap Market

Unlike in football, where the value of a goal scored is much greater, in rugby, scoring is more frequent; hence you are likely to find short priced odds, especially where a stronger side is facing a weaker one. To get the full value of a bet, it’s advisable that you consider the handicap markets that have greater odds. For example, in a game between Fiji and Argentina, a win for Fiji may be priced at 1.15, however, in the same game, the odds for Fiji to win with a 10 point handicap, may be priced at 2.0.

Just as it is the case with other sports betting, research on the previous, and current, form of the teams, will give you an edge, when placing bets on rugby. Though historical records are meant to be broken, looking at the head to head encounters of the teams in question, will give you a strong indication of where to put your money.

Apart from the straight win, scores and handicap markets, there are also other options that you can consider. These include the first try scorers market, where you predict the player to score first. Wingers have a good record of scoring tries since they are there to finish plays. The wingers in rugby can be termed as the strikers in a football match. Another good market is the anytime try scorer, and as stated, backing a winger is one of the best bets in rugby.

Rugby Match Streaming

With the penetration of the internet, and the popularity of the sport in recent years, there are many platforms from where you can watch live streams. Bookies often offer live streaming, which may be accompanied by in play bets.