Top Benefits of Playing Rugby

Rugby, like other physical sports, has an array of mental and health benefits. If you love rugby, find out why you should play the game regularly.

Cardiovascular Fitness

The cardiovascular system is responsible for transporting oxygen, nutrients, and blood in your body. The very nature of rugby works out your body. It requires extreme physical effort when running, tackling, and scoring. Such exercises help improve your heart’s health. Strong heart and lungs help with improving the flow of blood and delivery of oxygen to different parts of the body. Plus, they aid in improving your level of fitness and maintaining a healthy body weight.

Bone Health

The many movements that are made during a rugby game put stress on bones. Excessive stress on particular points triggers the production and deposition of calcium on the bones. In essence, the extreme physical activity in the rugby world increases your bone density and prevents you from osteoporosis. Rugby also tones the muscles of your limbs, chest, and others that are attached to your bones.

Stress Reduction and Improved Sleep

Rugby is a physical game and stimulates the release of endorphins, which help in improving mood and preventing insomnia. Triumphing over various challenges during a rugby game helps you build body and mental resilience, which are useful in counteracting stress. This also helps you tackle different problems off the field. You’ll undoubtedly be tired after the game, and this makes it easy to unwind and have a good sleep.

Body Flexibility

Agility is paramount in rugby and other ball games. You should be able to think and move quickly and easily. In rugby, you engage both your hands and feet in that you need to move them suddenly and change direction and pace throughout the game. The constant twisting and dodging other players helps improve your body flexibility and physical fitness in general. Further, rugby helps build strength, especially in the upper body parts and improve your speed.